Extract text from multiple images can be streamlined and efficient, especially when dealing with large volumes of data. Here’s a simple guide on how to accomplish this task using advanced tools:

Step 1: Access Workflow

Begin by navigating to a specialized platform that supports batch processing, such as BulkGPT. Once there, locate and access the workflow feature within your workspace.

Access Workflow

Step 2: Upload Your Images

You can either directly input URLs of the images from which you wish to extract text or opt for bulk upload by utilizing a CSV file containing the image URLs. This step accommodates various sources, allowing for flexibility in how you gather your images.

Upload Your Images

Step 3: Add GPT4Vision tool

Click the plus icon and then select the GPT4Vision tool

Add GPT4Vision tool

Step 4: Set Up Your Workflow

After selecting the appropriate task, link it to the images you’re focusing on and provide any necessary prompts to guide the extraction process.

Set Up Your Workflow

Step 5: Execute the Task

With everything set, start the process. The tool will convert your images to text, displaying the outcomes in an organized table format, which you can then export for further use.

Execute the Task

Step 6: Refine and Optimize

To enhance the accuracy and quality of your results, engage in prompt engineering and iterative testing. Adjust your prompts and tasks based on initial outcomes to achieve optimal performance.

Additional Tips

For those dealing with more complex needs, such as extracting text from web-scraped images or integrating extracted text into larger workflows, explore advanced features and tutorials available on the platform.

If you have a complex workflow, such as first scraping content from a website then let ChatGPT generate text based on scraped content, then you need to checkout BulkGPT Workflow. This feature is designed for you to build your own customized workflow then run them in batch.


That’s it, now you should be able to extract text from multiple images! Try out your first automation at https://bulkgpt.ai! For more complex workflows, please checkout our future tutorials on BulkGPT Workflow feature!