Do you have the need to run ChatGPT batch request? This tutorial is for you. Whether it’s generating SEO content for your website, generate product descriptions, generate personalized sales lead messages, BulkGPT can handle them all at extremely low cost and blazing speed.

Step 1 – prepare your prompts in CSV

All you need to do is to have your prompt ready in a csv file. I have made the spreadsheet public for you to try out.

Step 2 – Head to BulkChat, then simply upload the file

Upload the CSV file in the previous step then click start, and you need to do is to wait. Y

In the model setting, you are free to choose the latest GPT3.5 model or the GPT4.0 model. For most cases, you do not necessarily need to play around with the temperature.

Step 3 – Check result

Result will automatically shown here, or you can check back later if you have a large job (1000+ chatgpt requests). You’ll find your finished jobs in the history tab

Step 4 – Iterate and improve your results

The best way to use BulkGPT is to just try out a few tasks. Iterate on your prompt. When you are happy with the result then run all your tasks at once.

Prompt engineering will usually help you significantly improve your result. Check out this guide on prompt engineering.

If you have a complex workflow, such as first scraping content from a website then let ChatGPT generate text based on scraped content, then you need to checkout BulkGPT Workflow. This feature is designed for you to build your own customized workflow then run them in batch.


That’s it, now you should be able to mass automate your ChatGPT batch request! Try out your first automation at! For more complex workflows, please checkout our future tutorials on BulkGPT Workflow feature!