Xml To CSV

Works perfect with large XML files

  • What is the Xml To CSV Tool?

    The Xml To CSV Tool is a free web application that allows you to easily convert XML files to CSV format. It is especially useful for handling large XML files, as it can handle them with ease.

    To use the tool, simply enter the URL of the XML file you wish to convert, and the tool will automatically fetch the relevant data and convert it into a CSV file. This makes it easy to work with XML data in applications that require CSV format.

    How to convert a Xml To CSV
    1. 1. Input the URL of the sitemap you wish to convert in the provided field
    2. 2. Click the "Submit" button
    3. 3. The tool will fetch the sitemap and extract the URLs
    4. 4. The URLs will be transformed into a CSV file and displayed in a table layout below the input field
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